Last month, mid-May, urbanmaven came to the rescue! “I need 200 asparagus rolls for my Garden Club Luncheon and I need them STAT”  said a good friend.  “Sure, I can do that” said urbanmaven.

A trip to the grocery store for: asparagus, lovely pillowy WONDER  bread, mayo, and salted butter and 24 hours later…..200 asparagus rolls done and delivered!

Here’s how to assemble these old school party sandwiches (back in the day, they would have been made with canned asparagus….yikes)

  • bring the SALTED butter to room temp…….has to be spreadable
  • trim and blanch the asparagus, submerge in ice-water bath, towel dry (you want the asparagus dry and not wet or damp… prevent soggy sandwich, yuck)
  • roll the Wonder bread with rolling pin till FLAT….flatter than a pancake
  • cut all crusts off the bread so that you have a perfect square (cut with a chef’s knife and not a bread knife for a perfect clean edge)
  • butter the bread with salted butter
  • spread a thin layer of mayo over the buttered side of bread
  • place asparagus spear with the spear tip just overlapping the edge of bread and roll (the buttered bread will stick to itself as it rolls)
  • VOILA…….asparagus party sandwich done!
  • Last thing: cut each roll in half……on the diagonal…..( each piece equals one bite)
  • arrange decoratively on platter (with say spring flowers…..asparagus are spring veg…..pansy’s work well for deco)


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