At the beginning of the month (June) urbanmaven was asked to design and install a small city front garden… neighbour in fact.  The owner was looking for low maintenance and a style which would suit the Victorian architecture of the house.
I drew up a plan, costed it out, gave the Quote… got approved and away I went.
I hired the best possible person to plant the design and wow did he do a fantastic job! 
The garden was barren due to a large basement renovation the house had undergone over the last 12/18 months.

(I apologize for the low quality photo…..the camera on my phone is cracked! and therefore takes dismal pictures. It has to go in for service or…… new phone)
The photo below is Phase 1/2:
* the soil was levelled and 4 pieces of flagstones were placed – centred and levelled
* the owners’ cast iron urn was placed on said flagstones and planted with a mix of annuals and perennial hostas (the hosta will be planted into the garden come late fall)

*  2 rows of Hicks’ Yews were planted to frame the south and west sides of the garden ( a 24″ gap was left for the postman and the owners to access the side of the house)

*  4 Rosa Rugosa (wild roses with a heavenly scent) were planted at the fence line


To fill in the garden…..came a double row of English Lavender planted at the brick path. The bare earth was planted with Baltic Ivy to form a carpet.  Additional interest was given by one deciduous shrub – a Ninebark “Autumn Jubilee” chosen for its  leaves which contain the colouring of the exterior brick of the house and, its nice round shape.

Next to come is a photo of the finished garden. The garden is finished (within one week)…..I’m just waiting for it to stop raining to take a photo.

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