April 19, 2010



I came back to Toronto in mid February of this year to begin packing up our very large family home for a move. We’d been there over 22 years and every room was full. In the middle of this I was also moving one of my sons. A friend recommended that Gabrielle might be of some assistance.
It was better than having the perfect wife.

She was smart and resourceful and pulled together lots of things that I couldn’t even begin to deal with. She interviewed companies that hold content sales and selected the best possible one. She then coordinated with the company and even worked the day of the sale to keep an eye on things for me. This was one of the many types of tasks she did. She was willing to tackle anything I asked of her.

The bonus was, when I was looking for an apartment for my son, she was able to send me listings, as she is also a real estate agent. All I can say is that she is beyond capable, pleasant and drama free. I am happy to have met and worked with her and would not hesitate to call upon her again. If you need further references, do not hesitate to call.

Best regards,

Lori McGoran

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